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  • Patent US 62/658,619 Tildae.com
    23.09.2016 Approval of US patent 62 / 398,962 and online from 30.11.2017
    19.04.2018 Approval of US patent 62 / 658.619 (Marketplace acting as a social network and vice versa)
    U.S. Pat. and subsequent
    Tildae is based primarily on US patents, number US 62 / 658.619 and US 62 / 398.962 approved by the USPTO and therefore no longer replicable in any country in the world. Additional international patents on artificial intelligence research and development are undergoing approval, which will allow the company to develop. Recalling that it is punishable in the United States both to not mention the patent number when writing patent-in force, and to write the symbols of registered trademark, we will go below to list them
    Business model
    Utility model US 62/658,619 entitled "Marketplace acting as a social network and vice versa" also cites the paper flyer (periodical and otherwise) reported on the newsletter with coupons.