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    A new social? Tildae is the new generation social net, the meaning of Tildae word derives from the latin symbol tilde (~) present on keyboards, cellulars included, which aggregates products.
    It is actually positioned among social networks, but watches way over. Tildae has introduced the checkout inside the social network.
    Serves +19 Italian commons in home delivery, and is served by representative / printing agencies affiliated by the system, in Italy and in the world. Today it goes beyond the concept of social networks, on Tildae it is possible to make payments for recurring services, bills and transfers. Opens to the public administration as a new integrated information channel, which includes online booking of event tickets, museums, public transport, hotel rooms. It is a formidable tool, designed to create job and teaching opportunities in schools, we firmly believe in interconnection with small and medium enterprises, often local excellences, in a hubless distribution model.
    Tildae has a vision of its own, modern and safe, which we put into practice through a team of excellent Ukrainian and Italian developers and graphic designers. In 2018 the USPTO approved the second patent US 62 / 398,962 entitled The markeplace becomes social network and vice versa: a new social environment is born, safe and deliberately useful. Users and companies can communicate each other, aggregate the products of the shops present on the social network. The national and local media and bloggers have the "share on Tildae" button. Politicians and artists can occur and enter the tildes of their books or communicate with each other. Sign up and take a picture, add a tag and post it without app.
    User (free)
    You can use Tildae services and its algorithm advantages for free: you can take photos, book services, hotel rooms, pay bills, simply by You Live

    Verified (free, commissions)
    Tildae allows independent sellers to add products and their catalog, or to influencers and public administrations to communicate through a simple but impressive interface

    New seller

    Affiliated (free, earn credit)
    They can be press agencies, representative agencies, and, through the system, they get a percentage credit from the sales / banners of their customers, the balance is always positive.